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Salazones Pertusa started as a family-run business in Torrevieja (Alicante) at the end of the 19th century, when our great-grandfather started a thriving sardine salting business.

Our products are made with prime quality ingredients, following traditional recipes. Fresh fish, sea salt and a natural curing process bring intense, pleasant aromas, rich flavours and sensation-filled experiences to your dining table.

After years of research, we have developed a completely new product for the food market, using specifically designed techniques in the production process. In close collaboration, Salazones Pertusa and Savia Natura aim to innovate the sector investing in Research, Development & Innovation and launching this product in national and international markets.

Together, we are among the world leaders in the production of fish-based snacks. As the first to market this range of products, we have the worldwide patent on the elaboration process.

FishSnack’s is the result of the adaptation of a long-standing tradition to the taste of the present day consumer. Preserving tradition, we innovate and look to the future.


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